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ATM Full Form

ATM Full form - Automated Teller Machine

The ATM full form is Automated Teller Machine. ATM is a Spacial electro-mechanical machine that is used for debit and credit the amount from a bank account. 2019 banks are started using Machine which doing deposit and withdraw the money from the bank account directly.

Because of ATM its saving huge amount of time of human and bank for taking one financial transaction.

Type of ATM

ATM Type ATM Use For
On Site ATMATM Prsent inside the bank
Off site ATMOutside the Bank like shopping center, Public location
White Label ATMATM Service is provided by NBFC  (Non Banking Financial Company)
Green Label ATMATM Provide the service to Agricultural Transaction use only
Orange Label ATMATM Provide the Services for Share Transactions
Yellow Label ATM E-commerce Commerce transction use
Pink Label ATMOnly use for women
Brown Label ATM hardware and the lease of the ATM machine is
owned by a service provider but Service and network is provided by sponser bank
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ATM Full form - Automated Teller Machine
Automated Teller Machine

ATM Service

1. Book railway tickets:

SBI and Panjab National Bank providing the services book train ticket for long-distance location on select locations on railway premises

2. Pay Your Bill:

By using ATM user can pay bill of telephone bills, electricity bills and gas bills. you need to register on the bank website before using these services.

3. Transfer Cash:

If you do not have NetBanking access then you can use the ATM transfer money from one bank to another bank account.

4. Apply for a personal new loan:

for taking a loan from bank you don’t need to go to the bank you can take the loan direct using your debit & credit Card.

5. Pay insurance premium:

you need to add your policy number that and you can pay for LIC, HDFC Life and SBI Life insurance policy.

6. Deposit cash:

In ATM you can deposit the cash till 49,000 Rs one transaction at one time
Denominations of Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 are accepted

7. Pay Income Tax:

Some bank offer that Banker can pay the TAX by using CIN Number.

8. Recharge Mobile:

Select the ‘Mobile Recharge’ option from the ATM and recharge the pre-paid mobile number of your family by using the ATM.

9. Open FD and withdraw amount:

Select option ‘open fixed deposit‘ in ATM and confirm the necessary details in the ATM. Red more


1 Invention of ATMs

John Shepherd Barron is the inventor of ATM, In 1965 he late to withdraw mony from the bank so he decided to create a Machin for withdraw mony without going to the Bank.

2. First ATM

on 27th June 1967 in the Barclays Bank of London. The first person to withdraw money from this ATM

3. Pin number of ATM

John wife Carolyn did not remember 6 digits. Therefore, he prepared 4 digits PIN

4. First ATM in India

1987 – HSBC install the ATM in Mumbai

5. Gold withdrawal from ATM

First ATM was installed Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

6. Floating ATM

ATM was installed in Kochi, Kerala by SBI

7. ATM without an account

This facility available in European country Romania

8. Biometric ATM

Brazil Biometric Biometric ATM is used. user has to first scan the fingers at these ATMs

9. Names of ATM

UK and New Zealand, it is called Cash point or Cash Machine. In Australia and Canada it is called Money Machine.

10. Card Eating ATM

In 1968 card is used for the transaction but during the transaction, atm take the Card and providing a new card to the user. this ATMs installed in Barclays Bank

11. Combination of 4 digits Pin number

The most common of these is 1234, 1111 and 0000. The least commonly used password is 8068

12. Protection from thieves

ATM also has GPS so we can track the ATM.

13. Ink in the ATM

A blue ink bottle is placed inside the ATM. if someone tries to pull money forcefully then ATM Spread the blue ink to all note.

14. World’s Highest ATM

“Nathu-La” is the palace where is ATM is present, Its height is 14,300 feet. it is operated by Union Bank of India

15. Birth place of ATM Inverter is India

John Shepherd Barron was born on 23th June, 1925 in Shilong (Meghalaya), INDIA

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Today we know the ATM Full form, Its type, its services and some fact about ATM

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ATM Full Form is Automated Teller Machine

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