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What is the full form of CBI?

CBI : Central Bureau of Investigation

Full form of CBI

Full form of CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation. it comes under Government of India. CBI is started in 1941 headquarters New Delhi India. Government of India allocated Annual budget is ₹698.38 crore. official website The current director of CBI is Rishi Kumar Shukla. now you know, what is the full name of CBI?

CBI : Central Bureau of Investigation
Full form CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation) – full name of the CBI is Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI Directors

D. P. Kohli1 April 196331 May 1968
F. V. Arul31 May 19686 May 1971
D. Sen6 May 197129 March 1977
S. N. Mathur29 March 19772 May 1977
C. V. Narsimhan2 May 197725 November 1977
John Lobo25 November 197730 June 1979
R. D. Singh30 June 197924 January 1980
J. S. Bajwa24 January 198028 February 1985
M. G. Katre28 February 198531 October 1989
A. P. Mukherjee31 October 198911 January 1990
R. Sekhar11 January 199014 February 1990
Vijay Karan14 February 199014 February 1990
S. K. Datta14 February 199031 July 1993
K. V. R. Rao31 July 199331 July 1996
Joginder Singh31 July 199630 June 1997
R. C. Sharma30 June 199731 January 1998
D. R. Karthikeyan (acting)31 January 199831 March 1998
T. N. Mishra (acting)31 March 19984 January 1999
R. K. Raghavan4 January 19991 April 2001
P. C. Sharma1 April 20016 December 2003
U. S. Misra6 December 20036 December 2005
Vijay Shanker Tiwari12 December 200531 July 2008
Ashwani Kumar2 August 200830 November 2010
A. P. Singh30 November 201030 November 2012
Ranjit Sinha3 December 20122 December 2014
Anil Sinha3 December 20142 December 2016
Rakesh Asthana (Special Director)3 December 2016Present (on leave)
Alok Verma1 February 201710 January 2019
M. Nageshwar Rao (interim)24 October 20181 February 2019
Rishi Kumar Shukla2 February 2019Present (in-charge)


What is CBI?

Crime Investigation Department.

How to join CBI?

group A officer: you need to pass the Civil Service Examination of UPSC and become an IPS officer.
Sub Inspector: you need to pass SSC CGL examination Exam.
Age Limit:- your age must be between 18 to 27 years.

What type of crime CBI investigates today?

1) Economic Offences Division
2) Anti-Corruption Division
3) Special Crimes Division

Do CBI officers have a uniform?

No, they have not required a uniform.

What is the difference between CBI and CID?

The full name of the CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation which is control by the India Government. full name of CID  is the Criminal Investigation Department which is control by the State Government of India

CBI: Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India is the central bank of the Indian government. It is a public bank in India. IDFC bank is a private bank. Central Bank of India, headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the oldest and largest commercial banks in India. Established in 1911, the bank is among the earliest banks in the country to be completely owned and managed by Indians.  As on 30 September 2019, the bank has a network of 4,681 branches, 3,477 ATMs, ten satellite offices and one extension counter

Full form of CBI - Central Bank of India
What is the Full form of CBI – Central Bank of India?

The full form of CBI is the Central Bank of India.

Central Bank of India Customer Care Toll-Free Number

CBI customer care has 24/7 service. The Central Bank of India customer care number is mentioned below:


Central Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care Toll Number

In case the Central Bank of India credit card customer care toll-free number is not reachable or is experiencing heavy traffic, the customer can contact the Central Bank of India Credit Card customer care toll numbers mentioned below:



Today we know that What is the full form of CBI? full name of the CBI is Central Bureau of Investigation.


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