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What is the full form of ISRO?

what is full form of ISRO?

ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization.

Full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organization. Indian Space Technological Body. Below are the Highlighted points describing more of ISRO and its functionalities.

  • Harnesses technologies in space research and exploration mysteries on planet and parent solar system.
  • Research to study the planets behavior to provide a sustain life to its habitats taking refuge on the planet.
  • Awareness to Prepare for calamities insuring shelter/conscious to the living life on planet.
  • Provision for development of Nationals Development in space technologies providing an over all economic as well as the social output to the nationals development.
ISRO Full form Indian Space Research Organization
ISRO Stand for Indian Space Research Organization

ISRO Actionable.

Established on 19th Of April in 1969. Formed by The Soviet Union for the nationals development in the space technologies and research sector having Head Quarters in Bengaluru. ISRO serves it services in 8 different sectors majorly across the country under the provision of Indian Government.

8 Integrated Pillars of ISRO.

  1. (VSSC)-Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
  2. (LPSC)-Liquid Propulsion System Centre.
  3. (SDSC)-Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
  4. (URSC)-U R Rao Satellite Centre.
  5. (IPRC)-ISRO Propulsion Complex.
  6. (SAC)-Space Application Centre.
  7. (NRSC)-National Remote Sensing Centre.
  8. (ISTRAC)-ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network.

Further are the divided 3 functional sections of the

3 Blocks of Funtions:-

  • Block 1 Launching Vehicle Group.

Sections working in the functionalities of PSLV and GSLV. These are the launching vehicles for the functions of the launch of the space rockets in the space stations.

  1. VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre) located at Trivandram.
  2. SDSC (Satish Dhawan Space Centre) located at Sriharikota.
  3. IPRC (ISRO Propulsion Complex) located at Mahandragiri.
  4. LPSC (Liquid Propulsion System Centre) located at Valiamala.
  • Block 2 After Launch Support



Thus in then topic we have covered topic such as:-

  • Full form of ISRO.
  • 3 Sectors.
  • Actionable.
  • 8 Integrated Pillars of ISRO.

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