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what is the full form of computer?

Full fprm of computer

What is the full form of computer? What is the meaning of computer and definition? this type of query always comes in our mind. we are going to discuss all the answers to the above query in this post.

Full fprm of computer
Full form of computer- C – Commonly O – Operated M – Machine P- Particularly U- Used T – Technical E – Educational R – Research

Computer is a word, it is not an acronym, It is an inheritance from “compute” which is also known as a calculator. it is an electronic device that is used for fast calculation.

Computer full form is

  • C – Commonly
  • O – Operated
  • M – Machine
  • P- Particularly
  • U- Used
  • T – Technical
  • E – Educational
  • R – Research

Charles Babbage is a founder of the Computer.

Lots of people tell that COMPUTER’s full form in “Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research” they have the wrong knowledge because at the invasion of computers it is used only for calculation it takes lots of time for evaluation.

Hardware & Software

Hardware refers to the physical component of your computers such as mous, keyboard, and monitor.
Software tells the instruction to the computer for work. software held inside the hard disc, CD and PAN drive.

Types of Computers

There are two types of computers 1) Mini and Mainframe computers and 2) Personal Computers

Mini and Mainframe Computers

It is very expensive very powerful computers which are used by the bank and Larg organization

Personal Computers

very cheap and easy to use also called standalone computers which are connected to the organization throw network or may connect to Larg from the computer.

Hardware Components

Hardware component divided into two part 1) Input Devices, 2) Output 3) devices and

Input Devices

Input devices provide the instruction input to the computer.

The Mouse

The computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device which helps you to navigate to the monitor.

The Keyboard

Allow users to provide the information to the computer in the form of numbers and characters.

Tracker Balls

device used for notebook and laptop computer. It is a replacement for the mouse.


Scanner scan the document and covering the data in file format inside the computer.

Touch Pads

Tuch pads are available on the laptop and it is also a later native of Mouse

Light Pens

a light-sensitive device which is works as a pen for drawing and writing.



A VDU is a machine with a screen which is used to display information


The printer gives graphic output to print the information of the document and screen of the computer.


The plotter is an output device which is in size less than printer but it is used for print large document


Speakers are an output device used for providing an audible sound which is process by CPU

Software Component

Operating systems software

Operation Systems software is a group of software which controls all hardware of the computer. All application software comes under the OS software.

Applications software

Word processing applications

An application which is used for storing information in the form of word file call Word processing applications such as MS Office and Open Office


Database Application software used for storing the data inside the table.

Multimedia applications

Multimedia Application Software is for playing audio and video.

Payroll or CMS or SAP

CMS a commercial software application which is used by big organization

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